Closing out Pride Month 2024 with Finix: Fashion, Community, and Fabulousness

June is a month bursting with color, love, and celebration, and Finix has truly enjoyed supporting the LGBTQIA+ community this year. As a brand that prides itself on inclusivity and diversity across all communities, Finix has pulled out all the stops to make Pride Month unforgettable. From a dazzling new collection to vibrant community events and a brand-new podcast, we've shown that it’s not just about fashion—it’s about making a statement. Let’s dive into how we celebrated Pride Month and what’s next on the horizon for this fabulous brand.

Our First Ever Pink Pride Collection: In June, We Wear PINK!

June at Finix is all about celebrating Pride Month with vibrant fashion. The Pink Pride Collection is a dazzling array of pieces that embody the spirit of Pride. From bold pink tanks to stylish pink tees, this collection is all about making a statement. Each piece is designed to empower individuals to express themselves boldly and proudly, whether they’re attending a Pride parade or simply strutting their stuff in everyday life.

This year’s collection features limited-edition items that are as fabulous as they are fierce. Think eye-catching pink tie dye, comfortable fabrics, and versatile designs that can transition from day to night. But remember, these pieces are available only for a limited time—once they’re gone, they’re gone. So, don’t miss out on your chance to add some Pride to your wardrobe.

Finix’s Fabulous Pride Pop-Up: Pasar Pink x Sunday Social Market

Finix took the celebration offline and into the heart of the community with a fabulous pop-up at the Pasar Pink x Sunday Social Market. This event was a perfect blend of fashion, fun, and community spirit. Attendees were treated to exclusive previews of the Pink Pride Collection, live performances, and engaging activities that celebrated inclusivity and diversity.

The pop-up wasn’t just about shopping; it was a full-on experience. With live music, delicious food, and interactive workshops, there was something for everyone. This event highlighted Finix’s commitment to creating spaces where everyone can feel seen, heard, and celebrated. It was a day filled with joy, connection, and plenty of pink!

We launched the "You Can Sit With Us" Podcast: Your New Favourite Listen

In our exciting new venture, we launched the "You Can Sit With Us" podcast. This series aims to amplify diverse voices and share stories that inspire and empower from across Singapore

The premiere episode, perfectly timed for Pride Month, features three incredible individuals from Singapore’s LGBTQIA+ community. Shawn, Max, and Opera share their journeys of self-discovery, the challenges they’ve faced, and the joy of living authentically. Their stories are heartfelt, raw, and incredibly empowering.

This podcast is more than just a series of episodes; it’s a movement to create a supportive community where everyone feels seen and heard. Be sure to tune in to future episodes featuring people from all walks of life, and join the conversation on social media to spread the love.

Pride Month Highlights: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity

Throughout Pride Month, Finix has been at the forefront of celebrating diversity and inclusivity. From the Pink Pride Collection to the Pasar Pink pop-up and the launch of the "You Can Sit With Us" podcast, every initiative has been about creating spaces where everyone can express their true selves.

Finix’s activities this month have been a testament to their commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community. Whether it’s through fashion, events, or storytelling, Finix continues to champion the values of love, acceptance, and authenticity. The energy, creativity, and passion of the Finix community have shone brightly this Pride Month, making it a memorable celebration for all.

What’s Next for Finix?

As Pride Month wraps up, Finix is already looking ahead with excitement. There are plans for more community events, new collections, and collaborations that will continue to celebrate and support diverse communities in Singapore. Keep an eye out for upcoming events that promise to be just as fabulous and empowering as the Pasar Pink pop-up.

Finix is also working on expanding their podcast series, bringing in more voices and stories from different backgrounds. Each episode will offer fresh perspectives and inspiring tales that underscore the importance of inclusivity and authenticity. And, of course, there are always new fashion collections in the works, designed to help you express yourself with confidence and style.

Stay tuned to Finix’s social media channels and website for all the latest updates. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a podcast lover, or a community supporter, there’s something exciting on the horizon for you. At Finix, the celebration of diversity and the commitment to inclusivity never stops. Here’s to a fabulous future, filled with love, acceptance, and plenty of pink!

For more details on Finix's activities and to shop the Pride Pink Collection, visit our website.

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