In June, we wear PINK! Announcing our first ever Pride Collection

The Finix pieces you know and love have had a new pink Pride makeover. 

A limited edition collection that celebrates the freedom to love in all shades of pink with hand-dyed tie dye. They pieces embody everything you love about the brand, but prouder and pinker to show off your support for the LGBTQIA+ community this Pride Month. All the profits from this collection will go to The T Project, the first and only (social) service and shelter for the transgender community in Singapore. 

Before we get into the details, don't miss out on ordering a piece if you want it! We have a limited quantity of each hand-tie-dyed piece so once they're gone, THEY'RE GONE!

Shop here before its too late!

Why a Pride Collection?

Because representation matters.

At Finix, Pride means more than just adding a rainbow to our regular items and calling it support; it's about celebrating who we are and who we love. Diversity, inclusion, and representation for all communities and types of people lie at the heart of Finix. Think of it like this: as every flower in a garden adds to its beauty, every unique person adds to the beauty of humanity.

We wholeheartedly believe that everyone, regardless of race, religion, colour or sexual orientation, deserves to see themselves represented, to feel seen and understood. That's why this June, we're standing with our LGBTQIA+ family, because they're an essential part of our vibrant community. They're the friends, family, and loved ones who light up our lives with unwavering support for us, themselves, and other communities who need it.

Additionally, we thrilled to be supporting The T Project, Singapore’s first and only (social) service for the transgender community. They're committed to addressing the underserved needs of transgender individuals in Singapore and offer safety and shelter for up to 6 months until people are able to find alternative housing or a more permanent place to live. More info here.

So here's to the community, and here's to being proud of who we are, no matter what.

Why Tie Dye?

50 shades of Pink.

While the international colour for Pride is the rainbow (with recent inclusions of other Pride colours such as pink, light blue and white to represent the trans community), in Singapore, our pride colour is pink. This choice of pink is a play on our national identity for a few reasons. Pink is the colour of our national ID card and a mix of our national flag colours. It's also now tied to our annual Pink Dot rallyreminiscent of "The Little Red Dot" term used to describe Singapore, an event not to be missed at Hong Lim Park. It will be on 29th June this year, and participants show their pride by wearing an array of pink tones. 
Why did we choose to hand tie-dye our pieces? Through the hand-tie-dying process, each piece becomes uniquely different, representing not only the diverse individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community but also every member of our society as a whole. This Pride collection showcases the various patterns and hues of pink that correspond to our colourful society.
Plus, pink is cute, just like you, our Finix community.


The Pieces, but pink

Category is... Pink Pride Eleganza Extravaganza! GENESIS IN PINK: About our Genesis line

We decided to adapt pieces for our limited-edition 2024 Pride Collection from the well known and loved Genesis line, as we know how much you, our customers, have come to enjoy wearing them. We're always listening to your feedback, and that's the promise we bring whenever you shop with us. So when we received multiple testimonials sharing the Genesis line is not only practical, but more comfortable that regular basics, we heard you - and we delivered them into our Pride Collection. 

Crafted from eco-friendly Bamboo Lyocell fabric, each piece offers superb temperature regulation, perfect for hot, humid climates like Singapore. Plus, it's moisture-absorbent and anti-bacterial/odour-free. Our original pieces are currently in black, white, sand and aventurine green, but this Pride Month you can show you support and sassy side in hues of pink.

From the studio to wherever you go, every person in Finix lives in seasons of unparalleled comfort and style.

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