Celebrating Pride and Fashion at Pasar Pink x Sunday Social Market: Finix’s Fabulous Pop-Up

The Perfect Blend of Fashion and Inclusivity

In June, we wear pink! The vibrant and inclusive Pasar Pink x Sunday Social Market event, held at the pink-tastic Museum of Ice Cream, was the perfect kickoff for Pride Month. Finix was thrilled to participate, bringing our message of love, acceptance, and fabulous fashion to the heart of Singapore's LGBTQIA+ community.

A Day to Remember at the Museum of Ice Cream

On June 9, 2024, the Museum of Ice Cream turned into a colorful hub of excitement, welcoming everyone with open arms and a promise of joy. The event featured a wide array of activities: tarot readings, temporary tattoos, face painting, journaling workshops, and even a Proud Pet Parade where our furry friends showed off their most fabulous looks​​. Finix’s pop-up booth was a notable edition, attracting visitors eager to explore our new Pink Pride collection.

The Pink Pride Collection: Fashion with a Purpose

Introducing our Pink Pride collection at the event was a moment of pride for us. This collection isn’t just about stunning, statement-making pink pieces; it's a celebration of individuality and support for the LGBTQIA+ community. From bold pink tees to well-loved genesis tanks, every item is designed to make you feel confident and proud. And the best part? All profits from this collection go directly to The T Project, Singapore’s first and only (social) service for the transgender community​. So when you wear Finix, you’re not just making a fashion statement—you’re making a difference.

Supporting The T Project: A Cause Close to Our Hearts

The T Project does incredible work, providing shelter and support to transgender individuals in Singapore. By donating all profits from our Pink Pride collection, we aim to support their mission and help foster a more inclusive society. Every purchase you make brings us one step closer to a world where everyone can live authentically and proudly.

Highlights from the Pasar Pink x Sunday Social Market

The energy at the event was electric. Visitors from all walks of life came together to celebrate diversity and inclusion. Here are some highlights:

  • Fabulous Vendors: Over 40 vendors participated, offering everything from unique fashion items to delicious food and drinks. It was a feast for the senses!
  • Live Entertainment: The day was filled with epic DJ sets that kept everyone dancing. The music added an extra layer of joy and celebration to the event​​.
  • Interactive Activities: From tarot readings to face painting, there was something for everyone. These activities not only entertained but also created opportunities for meaningful connections and conversations.

You Can Sit With Us

At Finix, inclusivity isn’t just a buzzword—it’s at the core of everything we do. The Pasar Pink x Sunday Social Market was a perfect reflection of this ethos. We believe fashion should be accessible to everyone, and everyone should feel like they belong. That's why our message is clear: You can sit with us. And that's why this is the title of our latest podcast drop, which you can watch here! Listen to members of the community talk about their lived experience and what being Forward and Fearless means to them. 

Join the Movement

Missed the event? Don’t worry! You can still join the movement and support the community by shopping our Pink Pride collection online. Every piece you purchase not only adds a fabulous touch of pink to your wardrobe but also supports The T Project and the amazing work they do.

Express Yourself with Finix

Expressing yourself through fashion is powerful. It’s a way to show the world who you are without saying a word. At Finix, we celebrate this power. Our Pink Pride collection is designed to help you express your true self, boldly and beautifully.

The Pasar Pink x Sunday Social Market event was a vibrant celebration of love, acceptance, and fabulous fashion. We at Finix were honored to be a part of it and to introduce our Pink Pride collection to the community. Remember, in June we wear pink, and always, you can sit with us. Let’s continue to support each other, celebrate our identities, and make the world a more inclusive place, one stylish step at a time.

Visit our Pink Pride collection to make your purchase and support The T Project today. And don't forget our Podcast too! 

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