Inclusive Business Pledge

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) are at the heart of Finix. The genesis of the brand stemmed from the perennial lack in diversity of looks and representation in the activewear fashion industry. We wanted to create an apparel brand that transcends the notion – or ideal - that there is only one standard look in wellness and fashion.

Most, if not all mainstream activewear brands these days typically design and create apparel for the archetypal man and woman in fitness. As a brand, we wanted to transform the industry by opening up a fluid space in the industry where individuals of all sizes, colours and gender expressions are free to express and be themselves.

At Finix, we believe that embracing diversity is positive and can only make us richer for the better. Hence, we are committed as a company to create and maintain an inclusive working environment, where equality is promoted, diversity is valued and discriminatory behaviour is not tolerated. This commitment is a pillar of our vision as an inclusive activewear fashion label that celebrates equality and diversity.

As such, we at Finix pledge to all our customers, employees, and stakeholders that we will:

  • Promote equal opportunities, equality and fairness as part of a wider ongoing D&I agenda
  • Continually cultivate a culture of inclusivity and seek ways to enhance inclusivity at Finix
  • Adapt and cater to diverse needs and abilities in our workplace
  • Be caring, compassionate and welcoming members of our community
  • Actively seek ways to improve our understanding of EDI issues, e.g. training, mentoring
  • Create safe, accessible spaces for all our colleagues and students and ensuring all information is accessible
  • Protect our employees and stakeholders from discrimination
  • Safeguard our stakeholders from all forms of harassment

Finix will not discriminate against any individual based on their race, colour, creed, religion, nature of origin, sex (including pregnancy), age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

We takes this Pledge very seriously: we stand by this and we actively welcome you to challenge any behaviours and/or practices that do not promote inclusivity. United by this Pledge, we will continuously strive to use our platform and influence to support D&I issues in the workplace and society at large.