Freedom is personalities

What does freedom mean to you? 

Submit your stories of freedom to us at the bottom of this page. Let us know how you embrace your inner freedom and became the person you are today. Let's empower one another through our stories.

Episode 1: Meet Samuel Loh, a health & fitness transformation coach. Samuel shares about his personal struggle with his body image and how he has risen above his insecurities and embraced self-acceptance and love. Hear his story here:

Episode 2: Meet Lewis Loh, also known as Lewloh, a Singaporean singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Hong Kong for most of his formative years and identifying as bisexual, Lewloh struggled a lot with his identity and place in society. He felt the pressure to blend in which didn't sit well with him. Hear his journey towards self-acceptance here:

Episode 3: Meet Kelly Kimberly, an actress, artist and martial artist, whose life was shaped by many challenges. From a violent upbringing and severe childhood bullying (which got her into martial arts), to reconciling her trans identity with her friends and family. Finally transitioning after her mom's passing, Kelly now teaches martial arts to benefit others. Catch her story here: 

Episode 4: Meet Leonard Cheong, fashion designer and founder of Singaporean gender-fluid athflow label, Finix Wear. Leonard's personal journey, from defying gender norms in his childhood to finding self-expression through fashion, led him to create Finix. The brand challenges gender boundaries and embraces freedom and self-expression. Leonard's story is a reminder of the importance of embracing one's identity, especially in a world that often pressures conformity. Finix is a result of his passion for fashion and has empowered him to become his true self. Hear his story here:

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