Niche Stitch - Set of 3

$66.00 SGD
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Get 3 captivating scents in one bundle! Our fragrance set is perfect for those who like to switch up their scents throughout the day. Feel fresh and invigorated in the morning, bold and confident in the afternoon, and sexy and alluring in the evening. Need a quick refresher after an invigorating workout before running in for a brunch with friends?

Each fragrance is crafted with a diverse set of scent notes to match your mood or environment. Why settle for one fragrance when you can have three? 

How To Use

Spray generously over garments, skin and hair. Suitable for contact with skin. Suitable for use on synthetic and natural fibres. 

Product Properties

  • Silage of over 6 hours
  • Made using premium fragrance oils and naturally fermented alcohol-based fabric mist
  • Unique design created by the artists based in New York and the Netherlands
  • Each bottle has over 500 spray capacity per 42ml bottle
  • Light and durable, travel-sized. Pop it into your bag and you're good to go.

Niche Stitch - Set of 3