Finix is a contemporary athflow - ath(leisure) + flow (comfort and fluidity) - label from Singapore that celebrates individuality, comfort and authenticity. Our designs blend elements of active, street and lounge wear to create a sophisticated, fluid look that allows you to seamlessly flow through your day - to your next holiday.

"Finix" derives from the fusion of "Infinite" and "Phoenix," symbolising the spirit of abundance and tenacity. The Finix individual is fearless, wild and free. Our pieces are designed for those who dare to be different - those who recognise that their differences are their superpowers.

At Finix, we believe that true style is an expression of your inner self, and we're on a mission to empower the world to embrace their individuality and live boldly and freely.

We invite you to join us on this journey and unleash your inner Finix.



Urban hustler by day, upside-down warrior by night, Finix was founded by Leonard, who was frustrated with the limited versatility and lack of style variety in the men's athleisure department. He wanted a line that could seamlessly transition him from work to a yoga session to a hangout with friends without looking like he just came from the office or studio.

 As he delved deeper into his style and aesthetic, he realised one of the key reasons for this was society and the fashion industry's standards of gendered dressing. Furthermore, most athleisure brands in the market focused on the performance and functional aspects of their apparel, rather than their transitional, lifestyle nature.

Leonard started Finix, a hybrid athleisure - or "athflow" as he calls it - line that blends elements of active, street and lounge wear styles into a cohesive look and lifestyle.

Born in sunny tropical Singapore and the dynamic, colourful region of Southeast Asia, Finix athflow offers a seamless blend of style and function: offering the modern-day cosmopolitan and urban jetsetter the freedom and confidence to easily transition from work to play, and everyday to their next holiday.