The modern-day individual is fuelled by passion and driven by purpose. While we aspire to lead dynamic and active lives, the active apparel of today do not offer us the versatility to do so. 

Finix is all about bridging this gap to create a contemporary movement-inspired athleisure line that truly embraces the multi-purpose role of today’s active clothing.

 With our "One Design, All Genders" approach, we're creating the first [gender] inclusive athleisure label that offers individuals the freedom to move, express and be themselves. We want to empower “movers” around the world to not only move freely, but also live fuller, more authentic lives.


Urban hustler by day, upside-down warrior by night, Finix began after its founder Leonard Cheong was looking for stylish activewear in the men's department but always ended up with the same usual designs and cuts.

He began to realise that the reason for this was due to fashion's rigid notions of gender which has led to most mainstream brands designing for a certain archetypal male and female in fitness. This traditional approach has resulted in a perennial lack of diversity of looks and representation in activewear fashion - particularly for men.

Wanting to transform that, Leonard started Finix so that he could create a truly versatile athleisure line that spoke to today's rising generation of diverse, fluid individuals who shared similar lifestyles - and who wanted to express themselves.

Designed to easily transition from “om” to home, workout to hangout and everyday to their next holiday, Finix is a fun, refreshing take on contemporary athleisure wear and living. Our designs are characterised by a unique genderless concept - and are not for just him or her, but for everyone.