Made With Passion, Built With Creativity And Celebrating Diversity: Local Athflow Fashion Label Finix Joins The Ranks Of Singapore's 'Made With Passion' Brands As One Of The 50 Local Lifestyle Brands Selected

SINGAPORE, 12 Sep 2023 — Singapore's pioneering gender-fluid athflow fashion apparel label, Finix Wear, is honoured to announce its selection as one of the 50 trusted local brands for the Singapore Tourism Board's prestigious 'Made With Passion' initiative. This recognition underscores Finix Wear's commitment to celebrating diversity and showcasing the creative essence of Singaporean fashion on the global stage.

The 'Made With Passion' initiative by the Singapore Tourism Board aims to spotlight and celebrate local brands that exemplify the essence of Singaporean craftsmanship and creativity. Among the select few chosen for this honour, Finix Wear stands out as a symbol of innovation, diversity, and inclusivity in the fashion industry.

Finix Wear, founded and creatively directed by Leonard Cheong, has redefined fashion by introducing gender-fluid athflow attire that seamlessly blends contemporary style with active, street, and lounge wear elements. The brand's unique approach creates a highly versatile and occasion-fluid fashion line, all while maintaining a Southeast Asian flair. This is achieved through the use of premium, soft, lightweight, and weather-friendly fabrics, ensuring both comfort and style are never compromised.

Leonard Cheong, Founder and Creative Director of Finix Wear, expressed his pride in being recognised as a fashion label proudly representing Singapore. He stated, "What makes Finix Singaporean is the people and communities we represent. Diversity is at the heart of the Finix label, and Singapore's diversity is what makes our country strong and resilient." He added, "We are truly honoured to be a part of the 'Made With Passion' initiative and are excited to continue showcasing our unique blend of fashion to the world."

 Finix Wear's inclusion in the 'Made With Passion' initiative by the Singapore Tourism Board is a testament to the brand's dedication to pushing boundaries, celebrating individuality, and promoting inclusivity. The brand's creations resonate not only with locals but also with a global audience, making Finix Wear a remarkable ambassador of Singaporean creativity and style.

As Finix Wear takes its place among the esteemed local brands featured in the 'Made With Passion' initiative, it continues to champion the values of diversity, innovation, and authenticity in the fashion world.

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