What's in a Noragi? Discover the perfect blend of comfort, freedom and style

Explore the world of traditional Japanese outerwear and discover why we created the Freedom Noragi Jacket - now in version 2.0.
japanese girl in traditional kimono
Traditional Japanese kimono

When it comes to traditional Japanese garments, the diverse range of styles and designs can be both captivating and bewildering. From the graceful kimono to the relaxed yukata, each attire holds its own unique charm.

traditional unisex man and woman hanten jacket quilted design and wrap-around front.

Traditional hanten padded jacket - images Japan Objects

Today, we delve into the realm of Japanese outerwear - specifically the hanten, haori, happi, yukata, kimono, and noragi - exploring their distinctions and significance. Furthermore, we will explain why we chose the noragi style to incorporate into our popular Freedom Noragi Jacket, now in its second iteration.

Unveiling the distinctions in traditional Japanese outerwear

Various traditional Japanese outerwear jackets

(From left to right) The Japanese yukata, hanten, noragi and happi

According to Japan Objects, the hanten is a quilted jacket that is perfect for colder seasons, characterised by its straight shape and wrap-around front. On the other hand, the haori serves as an exquisite jacket worn over the kimono, adding an extra layer of elegance to the ensemble. The happi jackets, with their vibrant colors and eye-catching sashes, are customary during joyous festivals.The noragi, once worn as workwear, has now become a popular fashion trend due to its minimalist style and unisex appeal.

Modern minimalist Japanese noragi street style jacket

American singer/songwriter John Mayer (left) has often incorporated the noragi style in his onstage performances. Originally designed for Japanese farmers, the noragi cut featured functional exterior pockets, offering both convenience and the freedom of movement required for working in the fields. It provided the necessary comfort while protecting them from the harsh summer sun.


The yukata, a lightweight and casual summer kimono, captures the essence of relaxation and comfort. Lastly, the kimono itself, a pinnacle of Japanese fashion, is a formal robe adorned during special occasions, featuring intricate patterns and elaborate obi belts.

Embracing the Noragi 

So why did we choose to incorporate the noragi style into our innovative Freedom Noragi Jacket design? Two reasons, -

1) Leonard, our founder, spent a couple of years living and working in Japan. During his stay, he was gifted a lightweight kimono jacket from his host family. He noticed its practicality, especially during the spring and summer seasons, where he would often wear it to the onsens (hot springs) and during his travels. He also noticed his colleagues donning it in the office as an alternative to the formal western jacket.

Freedom Noragi Jacket first version
Our first iteration of the Freedom Noragi Jacket (pictured above) was fashioned in a soft, lightweight, cool-on-skin Tencel™ Cupro linen which offered wearers the freedom to dress it down (left) for a more lounge-y resort look, or dress it up (right) for a more street-cool, or something they could easily don at work or during their travels.


However, it was in Tokyo's bustling streets that he witnessed Japanese youth incorporating the kimono style into their everyday streetwear. Inspired, Leonard envisioned an incredible opportunity to incorporate this highly versatile look into his collection and make it an integral part of his brand. 

Freedom Noragi Jacket II in Sea Sage Green

The Freedom Noragi Jacket II now in a calming sea sage green colour (comes in black too). A great outer layer to add to your summer wardrobe.


2) At the core of our design philosophy lies a pursuit of comfort, freedom and style. Recognising the noragi's embodiment of these elements, we saw a remarkable opportunity to contemporarise its appearance while preserving its essence. 

Freedom noragi jacket with side welt pocket and mid inner tie feature

Convenient side welt pockets on both sides for easy access to your wallet and/or gadgets, and mid inner tie for multiple styling options.

The noragi, with its loose-fitting silhouette and unisex nature, offers unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement. Its simple yet elegant design allows for versatility in adapting to different styles and occasions. By adopting the noragi as the basis for our jacket, we were seeking to create a garment that effortlessly blends functionality, comfort and modern aesthetics.

freedom noragi jacket with inner travel pocket and silk satin lining
Our all-new Freedom Noragi Jacket II now spots hidden inner passport pocket. Great for those who often fly and want something comfortable and convenient to slip into.


That is why our version 2.0 now comes lined with a silky smooth inner satin, an inner travel pocket for your valuables and passport, external side welt pockets for your gadgets and a mid inner tie so you can dress it up or down for whatever occasions you're going for.

A highly versatile unisex look.


The world of traditional Japanese garments is a fascinating realm of cultural heritage and fashion. From the warmth of a hanten to the grandeur of a kimono, each attire has its place and purpose. Through our Freedom Noragi Jacket II, we breathe new life into the classic noragi style, embracing its comfort, movement and modern contemporary style. 

Freedom Noragi Jacket II in social and casual occasions

(Left) An alternative cocktail evening look paired with our Freedom Harem Joggers or (right) a more casual sporty look paired with our Perfect Short Shorts 

This convergence of tradition and innovation exemplifies our commitment to creating garments that not only look exceptional but also empower individuals to embrace their own sense of style. The result is a modern masterpiece that captivates the essence of Japan's rich sartorial legacy while inviting us to explore new frontiers of fashion.


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