The Bold Collection: Ice, ice cotton [Lookbook]

The deal with Odell

So you’re wondering what is the difference between regular cotton and the ice cotton we’ve been ranting in our product descriptions for our recent new line of tops. Well, here’s a rundown of what you should know about this new type of cotton and why you should try it to feel the difference.

Buttery smooth, strong durability

When you run your hands through our new ice cotton tops, the first thing you’ll notice is how buttery smooth the fabric is.

Ice cotton – or odell – is a premium grade cotton that combines the natural soft hand of cotton and the smooth lustre of silk. Odell’s unique blend of materials produces a type of hybrid cotton fibre that mimics the gentle, smooth drape of silk while maintaining its durability.

Comfortable and lightweight, and moisture absorbing and breathable, odell is the perfect fabric to be in when you’re outdoors or running errands.

Icy cool hand feel

Odell gets its “ice” cotton label from the icy-cool sensation when you run your hands through the fabric. Lightweight and cool to the skin, this fabric is ideal for warm to tropical, balmy climates as it regulates your body temperature keeping you cool for long periods throughout the day.

Products made from odell have a heightened smoothness compared to regular cotton. This stems from the fabric’s unique blend of materials and special mesh weaving technique which gives the fabric an almost silk-like hand feel.

Similar to regular cotton, odell is super moisture absorbing and permeable making it an ideal fabric for outdoor activities and workouts as it does not trap heat and is breathable.


Odell is a model of eco-textile. It is a premium grade, eco-friendly cotton made from a blend of recycled plants and white fibres spun with cotton.

The auxiliary materials and additives are non-toxic and harmless and the production process of the fabric is in full compliance with environmental protection requirements.

Manufactured without the use of chemicals, odell made products promote a clean environment as they do not release toxins into the soil and water, keeping farmers and workers at production farms safe from exposure of harmful allergens.

For the user, odell is also hypoallergenic and is perfect for those with sensitive skin as it does not cause itching or skin irritations.

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