The Freedom Collection: Feel Your Freedom [Lookbook]

"What is your freedom?" If you were truly free to be yourself, what would that look like? Our Freedom collection calls for the emancipation of the human spirit. We invite you to feel your freedom with our new collection.

Freedom to EXPRESS

Presenting our bottoms and outerwear, the Freedom collection features unconventional cuts and designs that complement our pre-launch tops, creating seamless looks with a more flowy, relaxed silhouette that provide for greater fluidity of motion and relaxation. 

   Dancer Kevin Tristan in our Rise Cropped Hoodie and Freedom Harem Joggers in a dance jump in mid air

Kevin wears the Rise Cropped Hoodie and Freedom Harem Joggers combo in Black Obsidian.

TikTok dance sensation Kevin Tristan @kevintristan99, 22, is a professional dancer and part-time spin instructor. He is part of a rising generation of individuals who see gender beyond the binary and how one personally chooses to identify and express themselves. He believes the world would be a better place the sooner we accept it.

Dancer Kevin Tristan in our Freedom Scoop Neck Sweatshirt in dance poseKevin wears our FREEDOM Scoop Neck Sweatshirt in Celestite Blue

Kevin wears our Rise Cropped Hoodie and Freedom Harem Shorts combo in Black Obsidian and Jerry is in the Sage Green combo, wearing our Rise Drop Armhole Tank Top in Dusty Rose underneath.


Freedom to be YOU

The collection also pushes towards sustainability with our pieces made in high quality, eco-friendly fabrics such as Tencel™ and Odell ice cotton.


Camelia Natasha @camelia_natashaa, 30, is a nurse and recent 2nd runner-up at the 2021 Miss Equality World Singapore, a beauty pageant for transgender women.

Working up to the competition, Camelia received several negative messages online calling her out for her body size and gender identity. True to her Self, she hopes to be an example for women who struggle with their self-image, and also to the trans/LGBQI community that the sky's the limit if you put your heart to it.

Camelia wears the Freedom Scoop Neck Sweatshirt in Celestite Blue

 The Freedom Scoop Neck Sweatshirt features a wider, more dropped neckline. A favourite among dancers - and dare we say a flattering neckline to boot. 

Camelia wears the Freedom Noragi Jacket in Tourmaline Black while Kevin wears the Rise Cropped Hoodie in Black Obsidian.

Freedom to MOVE

Amanda wears our Rise Cropped Hoodie in Sage Green.

Amanda Koh, 41, is a Singapore-based yoga and body movement coach and is part of a global shift of teachers seeking to rediscover a practice that is wholesome, loving and uplifting.

True to her Instagram moniker @unapologeticallyamandakoh, Amanda speaks candidly as her authentic self, and encourages her students to be unapologetically strong, spiritually-rooted and self-loving.

Amanda wears our Rise Cropped Hoodie in Black Obsidian

Amanda wears the Scoop Neck Sweatshirt in Celestite Blue

Freedom to BE

Jerry wears our Freedom Noragi Jacket in Tourmaline Black (outerwear). The Helios Cap Sleeve T-shirt in Citrine Yellow (inside) and Freedom Harem Joggers in Black Obsidian (bottom).

Our Freedom Noragi Jacket features a hidden inner centre tie for the option of a sharper, more put-together look and side welt pockets for your everyday gadgets/miscellaneous items.

Jerry is in our Freedom Scoop Neck Sweatshirt in Dusty Pink 

 Jerry Leong @1.228, 36, is a finance executive by day and yogi/freelance yoga instructor by night. He took up yoga 5 years ago as a form of stress relief. However, he came to find the physicality, mindfulness and spiritual nature of the practice very holistic and uplifting. As he grew in the practice, he felt a calling to share his personal experience and journey so that others may be inspired to also apply it in their lives.


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