Pre-launch 2020: Keep the fire burning [Lookbook]

Softness like no other

Instead of creating another run-of-the-mill cotton tee, we decided to take our pre-launch collection to the next level by introducing a natural fibre that is lauded for its natural silk-like softness, temperature regulating capabilities and highly-sustainable regenerative abilities.

When we first chanced upon bamboo-made fabrics during one of our sourcing trips, we were intrigued by how extra soft and comfy they were. Just by running our hands through bamboo fabrics we could immediately feel the tactile difference.

The smoothness of bamboo fabric coupled with its cool hand-feel makes it perfect for warm summers and tropical climates. Furthermore, due to its natural hollow fibre and anti-bacterial nature, bamboo is exceptionally breathable and moisture wicking; thus, keeping you fresh, cool and odour-free throughout the day.


Widely known across Asia for its sturdiness and high adaptability, it’s no wonder that bamboo fibre has a higher elasticity and durability compared to most natural fibres.

Bamboo fibres are also naturally smoother and rounder with no sharp spurs to irritate the skin, making bamboo fabric hypoallergenic and perfect for those who experience allergic reactions to natural fibres like wool or hemp.

The cross-section of bamboo fibre is covered with micro-gaps giving the fabric better moisture absorption and ventilation. As a result, bamboo is highly temperature regulating, as it keeps your body almost two degrees cooler in the heat.

So whether you’re in a Bikram session or out on a nature hike, stretch, flow, move freely without feeling stuffy, itchy or constricted.

Planet Friendly

The most enticing aspect of bamboo fabric is that it is a highly sustainable crop.

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass. It self-regenerates from its own roots which means it does not need to be replanted. It also does not require a lot of water to grow and does not need fertiliser and pesticides.

At Finix, sustainability is one of the key pillars of our design philosophy. Although achieving 100 percent sustainability is still a long way for us, we believe that every bit counts – and it starts with the simple choices we make every step of the way.

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