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About us

The modern-day individual is fuelled by passion and driven by purpose. While we aspire to lead dynamic, active, full-contact lives, the activewear apparels of today do not offer us the versatility to do so.

Finix is all about bridging this gap to create a contemporary athleisure line that truly embraces the multi-purpose role of today’s active clothing.

With inclusivity at the heart of our design philosophy, we create active apparels that fit and value individuals of diverse body shapes, lifestyles and gender expressions.

Inspired by yogis, dancers and movement practitioners, we’re creating a brand that empowers a collective of “movers” to not only move freely but also fearlessly – practitioners exploring movement beyond their body and physical health, and also through artistic expression and performance.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Finix is a symbol of renewal and transformation. It is about rising above one’s fears and overcoming adversity – #riselikeafinix; it is about embracing the fire within and persevering – #keepthefireburning; and it is about embracing your true nature and living your best life – because at the end of the day, that’s what being fully alive is all about – #fearlesslyboldfullyalive.

We invite you to embrace the Finix spirit!

#riselikeafinix #keepthefirburning #fearlesslyboldfullyalive


Urban hustler by day, yogi and upside-down warrior in his free time, Finix began after its founder Leonard was looking for versatile activewear that fit his everyday lifestyle: comfortable clothes that performed well, yet didn’t compromise on style and versatility. 

This led him to eventually spot a gap in the activewear market. Season after season, he noticed that the majority of the fresh, edgy looks and new activewear brands emerging were targeted at women. Men often had to settle for limited colours and styles, and a handful of the usual brands.

Tired of not having his style needs met, Leonard decided to take matters into his own hands. Inspired by his experience in dance, yoga and wellness, coupled with his passion in travel and the arts, he embarked on a mission to start his own line of unisex activewear for people who shared similar interests and lives.

Designed to easily transition one from “om” to home, workout to hangout, everyday to holiday, Finix is a fun, refreshing take on contemporary athleisure wear and living. The designs we create are not gender specific and are meant for any individual who resonate with it. 

Through our products, we want to inspire humanity to live more fearlessly and purposefully: fearless in the pursuit of their dreams, fearless to the truth and fearless to be their true authentic selves – and to also not forget to take a break once in a while and be kind to themselves.



Comfort – comfort is our no. 1 priority. No comfort, no joy – and we all want to be joyful.

Active – products that inspire travel, balance and agility.

Relevant – contemporary, stylish and fresh.

Eco-friendly – 100% sustainability is probably not reachable for us right now but at Finix we believe that every bit counts. So it’s about taking active, conscious steps towards achieving this goal.

Functional – added practical and technical features on our garments to get you about your everyday life.

Relaxed – enough for you to lounge in – because our lives are hectic enough.

Ethical – no child, human or being should need to suffer because of what we do.

Evergreen – durability, longevity, season-less – so you’ll continue using/wearing our products time after time.